The Maury County Horseman’s Association met on May 21st to finalize plans for their upcoming Columbia Spring Jubilee. The Spring Jubilee horse show will take place June 4-6, 2020 at the Maury County Park in Columbia, Tenn.

The theme of this year’s show is simple – Please Respect Social Distancing. The association met to review the state of Tennessee guidelines, the department of agriculture’s guidelines for livestock events and the joint guidelines issued by the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association and Walking Horse Trainers’ Association.

The Spring Jubilee is taking every precaution to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and will institute some new policies.

• The show will not charge admission but will rather have a person with a bucket taking donations at the entrance to the show eliminating any need for person-to-person or hand-to-hand contact.

• All public seating will be marked with appropriate social distancing between seats and limits on the capacity will be in place. Show management encourages, per state guidelines, to avoid combining persons or small groups with other non-household or non-associated persons or small groups within 6 feet of one another.

• There will be no standing at the entry and exit gate to watch the show and only one handler per entry will be allowed to meet the entry as they exit the gate

• First place ribbons will be placed on the winning entry for the victory pass but alternate methods of receiving other ribbons will be made available at the show

• Warm up areas (weather permitting) will be expanded to allow for proper social distancing between different barns

• The show strongly encourages the use of its online entry system and if entries are made in person during the show the single party making the entry will be required to have the entry form completed in its entirety prior to entering the show office

• The show agrees with the policy of all custodians of horses in inspection and DQPs being required to wear a face mask during inspection

• Show management encourages all exhibitors, trainers, and participants to wear a mask while in attendance at the show

• Multiple hand sanitization stands will be available around the show grounds in addition to the bathrooms and hand washing areas already available on site

• Show management will screen all volunteers, workers and other show personnel in alignment with CDC standards and remove anyone with any symptoms of COVID-19.

The horse show will have extensive signage upon entry and located around the show grounds to remind all participants and those in attendance of the proper guidelines and the need to social distance. Show management urges all of its trainers to self-monitor themselves, take temperatures and screen themselves and their employees and customers for any symptoms of COVID-19 and anyone showing any sign should not come to the horse show. It is the personal responsibility of everyone at the show to respect social distancing, follow proper guidelines and practice good hygiene to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.  Show management appreciates everyone’s support of the Spring Jubilee.

Electronic Entry Process

Show management would like all entries to be made online at by 12:00PM each day. It is requested that trainers enter any horse they think they may show and they can scratch any entry by 5PM daily with no penalty. When trainers that made their entries online arrive on the show grounds they can come to the entry office to sign the entry forms, pick up the back numbers and submit payment.

If you can’t do your entries in this manner you can enter at the show office but all forms will need to be completed prior to entering the show office and only one person will be allowed in the office making entries at any given point in time.