The VOICE magazine wishes to extend a public apology to Mrs. Linda Scrivner and the WALKING HORSE REPORT for publishing a digitally altered photograph that ran on page 30 in the December issue of the VOICE magazine.

In the photograph, Mrs. Scrivner's nametag indicated, incorrectly, that she was a VOICE employee. She is and has been for 30 years a WALKING HORSE REPORT representative and employee. This is an inexcusable error on behalf of the VOICE magazine and we deeply regret the picture was digitally altered to indicate false information and then published without being caught by those who proof the magazine before printing.

The VOICE magazine does not condone this activity and the individual who created this inaccurate representation has been dealt with accordingly. We shall not allow such conduct to occur.

The original photograph of Mr. Sonny Scrivner and his wife Mrs. Linda Scrivner was intended as an acknowledgment of their longtime association with the industry and promotion of the breed.

Certainly there was no intention to malign Mrs. Scrivner or the WALKING HORSE REPORT. We have worked closely with Mrs. Scrivner as well as the WALKING HORSE REPORT staff members in the field and various venues, and we shall continue to do so while representing our fine industry in the print media.


Stan Butt


Voice Magazine