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The Circuit Court of Bedford County dismissed the claims filed by Alecia Cooper against the Celebration, Inc., resulting from a confrontation between a security officer and Cooper at the 2005 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in a decision rendered February 13, 2008.

Cooper was earlier convicted of the attempt to commit assault and disorderly conduct after she had a confrontation with two security officers who had prevented her from entering the warm up and inspection area at the 2005 Celebration. She was sentenced to 48 hours of unsupervised probation.

Cooper appealed this conviction but it was upheld.

Cooper filed a multi-million dollar civil suit against Captain Becky Hord of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department (for false arrest and assault and battery) and against the Celebration, Inc., (for negligent supervision). The defendants filed for summary judgment and that judgment was issued following the appeal of the decision in the criminal conviction. The Court decided in the favor of the Celebration and Hord and Cooper was assessed court costs.