by Jennifer Maack-Condren

BUFFALO, Mo. - The 61st annual Buffalo Saddle Club Horse Show was held on July 5, 2008, in Buffalo, Mo., on grounds once known as the “Buffalo Prairie”. It is a well-know fact that we are creatures of habit. When we go to these shows year after year, we all tend to “park” in the same places. The wet, boggy ground this year threw everyone for a curve as trailers had to be parked head to tail along the road that runs through the show grounds. Those that made early attempts at their usual spots had to be pulled out with a large tractor courtesy of long time saddle club member Bob Howerton. The show ring itself was in fair condition due to the gravel base of the track but the warm-up area and heavy traffic areas got very soft and muddy before the night was over.

Travis Craft made the trip from Crofton, Ky., to judge the walking horses. The show consisted of classes for walking horses and Missouri Fox Trotters. Entries were nearly a repeat from last year’s show with 94 walking horses and fox trotters being shown.

Tim Plafcan and Dark Rage claimed their first win of the season, which was also a debut performance for this duo, in the Open Walking Horse class for owners David and Marcia Turner. PJ’s Pusher and Brad Huffman were reserve for Mr. Dean Scott.

Don Bills Stables led the blue ribbon tally with a total of seven blue ribbons being awarded under the direction of Don Bills and Tim Plafcan. 4-J Land and Cattle Co. and the Laughlin family always bring top horses to the shows and this night was no exception. A total of four blues went home to Waynesville, Mo. Brad Huffman Stables received three blue ribbons. Jim Huffman Stables received a total of three blues as well.

This show is well known for its quality entries and this year was no exception. Saddle Club President Bob Howerton and wife Mildred dedicate many hours to making this show a success year after year. This year’s record rainfall impeded club members from preparing the grounds to their normal condition, once again proving you cannot fight Mother Nature, but as horse show enthusiasts, we’ll all keep trying.

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