All Entries have been extended until 10/31/21

Entry Period: The entry period is from September 17- October 31 and results will be posted by November 15. This means that you must submit your online entry, payment and test no later than 11:59 PM on October 31.

How to Enter: You must submit your entry sheet and credit card payment to Margo Urad 1 entry form per horse. Please note if you will have more than one rider per horse. You may send straight video from your phone, or you tube links via Wetransfer (free version) to Please make sure your you tube or file lists Test, Horse and Rider Name, no later than 11:59 PM on October 31. Maximum of 6 Entries Per Horse. Please contact Margo with any questions not outlined below.

How to Record Your Video: You do not need a special camera to record videos. A cell phone video will work, however you must record from the horizontal position. All video must be recorded from Letter C, and the horse/rider must be in clear view at all times. For best results, the phone/camera should be held horizontally and not be facing into the sun. Make sure the sound is turned ON. You may announce you test, rider and horse name prior to start of test.

Judging/Scoring/Results: The tests will be judged and scored on standard NWHA tests sheets for traditional dressage and WDAA for western dressage, with complete comments, just as if they were at a regular dressage show. Results will be posted online. Score sheets will be scanned and emailed to all participants. Your video WILL NOT be posted publicly by TWHBEA, nor will the comments on your test sheets.

Prizes: All first-place entries will receive a World Versatility Championship ribbon, and all High Score Divisional Winners will receive a World Championship Prize. It is important to declare what division you are riding in to be eligible. Ribbon awards will be given for 2nd through 5th place. All prizes will be mailed to the address listed on your entry form.

Rules and Information:
1. Videos submitted may be recorded prior to your entry date.
2. Test must be ridden in a standard dressage arena marked with cones or fencing. If you do not have a standard arena, you may submit your ride with poles marking the corners.
3. Videos of tests must be one continuous filming; unedited from start to finish.
4. If the judge determines that the horse appears lame, the judge has the right to excuse the ride and not continue scoring. Judge will make notes on the score sheet indicating their observations.
5. Horses and riders are required to abide by standard equipment rules for dressage as outlined by TWHBEA/NWHA/WDAA. You acknowledge that, by submitting your entry, you agree to abide by standard rules of fair play and for the welfare of the horse. Violation of any of these rules may result in the refusal to accept the entry or non-refundable scratch.
6. We will make every effort to judge this class fairly with the knowledge that there are inherent challenges to judging online shows that make it different from the real-life experience.
7. You may have a test reader at all levels, but coaching during the test is not allowed.
8. You must record your video with sound. The natural background sound for the test must be audible. Tests with no sound at all will not be accepted.
9. Tack and Attire – You may wear show attire for your test, but it is not a requirement. Suitable schooling show attire with a heeled boot is accepted and half chaps may be worn. Other acceptable attire includes, clean jeans, jodhpur pants, breeches, shirts with a collar, and all clean boots with a heel. No entries with baggy sweatshirts, tank tops, jeans with holes will be accepted. Helmets are not required, however are encouraged for adults. All youth riders must wear a helmet, no exception.

Click here for an entry form.