Do you want to be at the 52nd Annual Spring Fun Show but can’t make it? Have no fear, because live stream internet is available to anyone not wanting to miss any of the action.

Single night purchases for live stream video fee is $15.00, or a package deal that includes the entire show is available for $40.00. In addition, for $40.00 more, you can view the full ride of every Blue Ribbon winner Dean Johnson videos prior to the 2022 Celebration. It was over 300 rides last year. To make your purchase anytime leading up to the show visit the

The live stream will be done on a fiber line connection so viewers can expect excellent quality, which will also be in high definition. 

Viewers will have two options, the normal player on a webpage — and also Facebook. Facebook and YouTube are known for working on just about every device, which is why they are being offered to purchasers as well. To watch the live feed this way, viewers have to be on Facebook, and the provider of the live stream will have a private group available and invite anyone wishing to view it this way to join that group.

The show will begin each night at 6:00 pm CST. In addition, Dean Johnson's show Blue Ribbon rides presented by Blaise Broccard will air and recap the entire ride of every 2021 Celebration World Grand Champion, beginning at 4:30 pm CST.

Again, to sign up for Spring Fun Show Live Feed visit today. For more information, contact 931-499-4062.