by Julia Livingston

BLAND, Va. - The 2009 Bland County Fair Horse Show is one of the very few all breed horse shows left. It is affiliated with Kentucky, East Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and the Appalachian Horse Show Association.

Fans get to see everything from the popular Costume class, to the Miniature Horse at halter, Five-Gaited Saddlebreds, Road Ponies and of course the favorite Tennessee Walking Horses. 

Bill Crabtree, the show chairman, along with Patty Strock Secretary have always gone out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed who attend. Ken Estees judged the walking and racking, and Connie Irvin judged the Saddlebred classes for the 96 classes offered.

A total of 495 entries were made for the 2009 fair. Class 96 was called to the ring with six entries entering to compete in the Walking Horse Stake class. Participants were worked both ways of the ring in all three gates, followed by a final flat walk and running walk. When the class was called it was the team of Derek Monahan and Nightfall At The Ritz who were victorious.

Results from the show can be viewed by clicking here.