Walking horse owner Terry Dotson, who is also a passionate leader on behalf of the industry, attended a Presidential Roundtable on the recent GOP Tax Reform bill last week on behalf of Worldwide Equipment, of which he serves as the company’s CEO. Dotson was accompanied by the company’s director of human resources, Carla Stapleton.

Dotson said they were honored to be invited to the roundtable, where they were able to show their appreciation to President Trump for the positive changes enabled by the tax reform. 

During the roundtable, Dotson said to the President: “Your tax cuts have made a difference and I can tell you our people know that they’ve made a difference. I can tell you it’s not crumbs to them when they can pay their car payments and invest in their children’s future.”

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Stapleton further explained how Worldwide Equipment was able to give bonuses to each employee, allowing them to visit their families during the holidays and purchase necessities that they may not have been able to do otherwise.

“The Trump Administration’s priority of ‘America First’ will ensure WE, and it’s employees, have many years of prosperity to come,” Dotson said.