FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 31, 2008
Contact: Lonnie Messick, 931-684-9506

Bright and early on Thursday morning, Dr. Mike Harry headed into the offices of the National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) to meet with Link Webb, Walking Horse Trainers' Association president; Mark Farrar, NHSC chairman; and Lonnie Messick, NHSC executive vice-president.  The four began work on implementing the restructuring plan approved on Wednesday by the NHSC Board of Directors.

“There were a lot of ideas discussed on Wednesday and we have approved a plan for our organization; now its time to work out the details and put it in place,” explained Farrar.   Dr. Harry reiterated that he is available to help the NHSC on a part-time basis for next two months and will continue to run his veterinary practice during that time and beyond.  “I'm interested in helping the NHSC long-term, but am not interested in applying for the job of being fulltime CEO,” said Harry.  “I believe in the plan that was approved this week and will devote my time with the NHSC to see that it is implemented in the best possible way.”

The NHSC staff will continue its day-to-day operation at this point while Dr. Harry focuses on implementing the restructuring plan and setting up the framework for the future of the NHSC.  “Dr. Harry has the knowledge, contacts and expertise we need to move forward.  He will make sure this plan is implemented in a way that our industry can be proud of and our critics can recognize our desire to change,” said Webb.