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East Tennessee Ladies Auxiliary Release Meeting Minutes

The ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary held a meeting on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at Perkins Restaurant in Kingsport, Tenn.  President Becky Bull called the meeting to order at approximately 2:45 pm.  Members in attendance were as follows:

Kayte Daffron, Kellee Patton, Jodie Hopkins, Alex Hopkins, Julia Livingston, Sandy Epling, Anita Bradshaw, Jamie Clark, Charlene Cox, Stephanie Byers, Beth Osborne

Becky Bull (President)
Teresa Strickler (Vice President)
Deborah Thomas (Secretary/Treasurer)

Becky Bull called for the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting. Deborah Thomas handed out copies of the minutes and gave a brief overview from the meeting held on October 27, 2013.  Kayte Daffron made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Sandy Epling seconded the motion.  Deborah Thomas provided a copy of the financial report which showed the opening balance as $14,573.34, YTD receipts of $18,875.88 and YTD disbursements of $17,904.11 equaling an ending balance of $15,545.11.   Sandy Epling made a motion to accept the financial report as it was presented, Teresa Strickler seconded the motion.  All were in favor of both motions, so motions carried.

Becky Bull then called for any old business.  Charlene stated she had spoken with John Baldy about doing a benefit concert and the cost for the exhibition center was the same price as if we were having a horse show so further options should be looked at if we still want to do a concert.  Sandy stated that on Nov 14 the donation presentation was made to Ridin High and the local paper was there to do an article.  A discussion was started on possible fundraisers such as: turkey shoot, gun raffle, and a golf cart raffle.  Becky was going to check with a golf cart place in Morristown to see if they might be willing to help with a cart.  Sandy brought up about a trade day on Jan 18 at Alvis Porter’s barn and suggested someone should go and give out membership forms. 

Becky then called for any new business and suggested started nominations for offices.  Becky asked for nominations for President.  Teresa Strickler nominated Becky Bull.  Anita Bradshaw seconded the nomination and Becky accepted.  Anita made a motion to cease nominations and Sandy seconded the motion. All were in favor so motion carried.  Becky asked for nominations for Vice President.  Becky nominated Teresa Strickler.  Anita Bradshaw seconded the nomination and Teresa accepted the nomination.  Kayte made the motion to cease nominations and Charlene seconded the motion.  Motion passed with no opposition.  Becky asked about a vote to split Secretary/Treasurer back to two positions.  Sandy made the motion and Kayte seconded the motion.  All members in attendance were in agreement. Becky asked for nominations for Secretary.  Deborah Thomas nominated Kayte Daffron.  Teresa Strickler seconded the nomination and Kayte accepted the nomination.  Julia made the motion to cease nominations and Anita seconded the motion.  Motion passed with no opposition.  Becky asked for nominations for Treasurer.  Anita Bradshaw nominated Deborah Thomas.  Julia Livingston seconded the nomination and Deborah accepted the nomination.  Teresa made the motion to cease nominations and Julia seconded the motion.  Motion carried with no opposition.  Becky asked for nominations for the Board.  Charlene Cox nominated Stephanie Byers and Teresa seconded the nomination.  Anita Bradshaw nominated Julia Livingston and Kayte seconded the nomination.  Becky nominated Charlene Cox and Stephanie seconded the nomination.  Deborah nominated Anita Bradshaw and Sandy seconded the nomination.  Becky nominated Jamie Clark and Julia seconded the nomination.  Teresa nominated Kellee Patton and Julia seconded the nomination.  Charlene nominated Sandy Epling and Anita Bradshaw seconded the nomination.  Since 7 members are needed for the board, Deborah Thomas made the motion to cease nominations and Kayte seconded the motion.  Motion passed with no opposition. 

The 2014 Officers and Board was accepted by all members in attendance. 
  President- Becky Bull
  Vice President- Teresa Strickler
  Secretary- Kayte Daffron
  Treasurer- Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas passed a thank you card from Teresa Strickler thanking the Ladies Auxiliary for the memorial blanket when her father passed away.

Julia brought up and made a motion that in order for a member to get their points for high points on rider of the year, they have to complete or actively participate in one or several fundraiser projects for the organization in order to get their award.  Stephanie Byers seconded the motion and motion passed with no opposition.  Charlene brought up about possibly having an ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Pleasure class.  Discussion ensued about what type of pleasure class since there was trail, country pleasure and lite shod.  Deborah Thomas made the motion to table discussion until a future meeting when we see what the industry is going to do.  The Ranch Rodeo is scheduled for Feb 15 at Walter State and Becky was going to check and see about doing a bake sale again and let everyone know so that we could prepare items.

Becky asked if there was any other business and when we wanted to meet again.  It was suggested to meet in Kingsport.

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 2, 2014 at Rush Street in Kingsport, Tenn., and we will gather at 2 pm and the meeting will start at 2:30 pm.  

Julia Livingston made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Becky  seconded the motion.  All were in favor, so meeting was adjourned.

Prepared by:   Deborah Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer
January 12, 2014

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