by Lori Lewis


PRESTONSBURG, Ky. – The Eastern Kentucky Walking and Racking Horse Association held their annual banquet and meeting Jan. 12, 2008, at the Heritage Hotels in Prestonsburg, Ky. This was one of the larger banquets they have had in the recent years. Approximately 150 members and guests attended the awards ceremony with lots of laughter and horse talk going around. The banquet started off with Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Council, Mrs. Ginny Grulke, explaining what the Horse Council had to offer.  Megan Goble, Haley Dauer and Skylar McLeod presented the awards with grace and charm.

In between presenting the awards they raffled off many items and Roger Varney took over the microphone to auction off pages for their 2008 Show Directory.  They were very pleased with the amount of money that was raised and the new members that joined in to be a part of this up and coming association. 

In the meetings prior to the banquet, they have appointed a special committee: Horseman Helping Horseman. They will offer six educational series for horse owners.

President Randy Adams ended the night by thanking everyone for coming and inviting everyone to stay for the party.  Anyone interested in joining the EKWRHA can contact Denzil or Janice Allen at 606-874-9595 or 606-886-2371.