Pushin Casino, a five-year-old, died Feb. 12, 2009, after sustaining a shoulder injury, which possibly contributed to colic. Despite all available efforts he succumbed to complications of colic.

Casino began his show career as a three-year-old. In his short life, he entered the show ring a total of 27 times and won 25 ribbons: 14 first place; seven second place; two third place; one fourth place and one fifth place. On May 12, 2007, he changed his emphasis to compete in the park performance division and found his calling. He contributed 11 blues, four seconds, and two third place ribbons to his overall ribbon count. The Heart of Dixie Association recognized Casino as a champion in 2007 and again in 2008.

Owner Sheila Lee thanks the many people who shouted encouragement while he was in the show ring. The staff and trainers at Pioneer Stables in Summit, Miss., are recognized for their care and the efforts made to sustain his life. Casino was laid to rest at his home in Summit.