4/19/05 – 4/29/21

By Sarah Coffee Burks

The only bad thing about horses is that they can never live long enough. Sadly, The Royal Dollar was humanely euthanized on April 29, 2021, due to crippling arthritis and other orthopedic difficulties. 

During his amazing 12 year show career Dollar competed 103 times, winning 51 blue ribbons and 30 reserves. This includes four world championships and two reserve world grand championships. 

Over these years he was shown by Bobby, R.M. and Robyn Kellett, Thomas McCormick, Gary Martin, Lee McGartland, Stacy and Alex Blackburn, Jimmy McConnell, Robert Stivers, Taylor Walters, Nick and Alan Price, and myself. 

It will always give me cold chills to think about the fantastic rides he gave all of us and it will always warm my heart to bask in the love this horse gave everyone connected with him. Special doesn’t begin to describe him and his personality was as great as his talent. Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying that friends leave foot prints on our hearts. And, The Royal Dollar’s hoofprints will always be all over my heart. Thank you all for loving him.