June 11, 1999 - August 1, 2008
Ebony's Flash Is Back, nickname: 'Rooster' was owned, loved, trained and shown by Billy & Connie Sanderson of Sanderson Stables, Cedar Grove, TN.  
Rooster was humanely euthanized after suffering an irreparably broken shoulder over night, while in his home pasture at leisure with his pasture mates. He was laid to rest there on August 1, 2008.  Also, the Sanderson's say, "He was always the first for his supper and the last to leave when he thought there might be another alfalfa cube to be had!  What a memorable fella he was, and what a wonderful change was made in his life over the 3 years & 2 weeks he lived with us. He was tansformed from a troubled horse to a gentle, compliant champion, grateful for his treatment and rewarding us for our efforts in his behalf."

He 'went' the same way, everyday - shod or barefoot, in mud or on hard ground.  He hit his long-striding running walk both running free in the pasture or under saddle. Billy states that Rooster was the most naturally, best strided flat shod horse he'd known in his 45 plus year training career. Rooster answered the 'gate call' 45 times during his 3 yr. show career and tied 1st &/or 2nd 35 times.
When he wasn't being shown, he was running out in the pasture or being ridden down the trails near the Sanderson's home. He will be long remembered.