Born on October 32, 1991, three-time world champion, three-time reserve world champion and two-time reserve world grand champion Master’s Gunsmoke, affectionately known as “Gunsmoke”, helped not one, but two people achieve their first world championship.

In 2002, Sam Caldwell drove Master’s Gunsmoke to both of their first world championships in the Open Fine Harness. A year later, Susan Coleman drove him to his second world championship in the Amateur Fine Harness.

In 2004, the Dr. Jim Baum family tpurchased this premier horse at the Sand Creek Christmas Sale. In 2006, Master’s Gunsmoke carried Jacob Baum to his first world championship in the Youth 15-17 Year on Walking Ponies class. Jacob and Lisa both showed Gunsmoke over the next few years until he was sold in 2010.

Jacob always kept a close eye on his first world champion and in August 2018, Gunsmoke made his way back home to the Baums. He lived his final years at the home of Jacob and Brittany Baum where he spent his days grazing the fields with his best friends Dude and Chucky. Gunsmoke, was loved by many, despite his devious pony tendencies. He will always be in our hearts.