Sometimes a horse is destined for greatness and with the right group of people and a lot of hard work and determination, that level is reached. This was the case for 2001 World Grand Champion Pride’s Jubilee Encore. 
Bred by Mary and Jimmy Woosley of Shelbyville, Tennessee, Pride’s Jubilee Encore was foaled April 29, 1991. Sired by World Grand Champion Pride’s Jubilee Star and out of the Hall of Fame mare, Lady Fame, Encore was destined for fame. 

It was in September of 1994 when Kay Dennis and her neighbor and friend Filey Patterson purchased Encore. “Filey told me that we could own a few average horses, or we could get serious and own one really good horse,” stated Dennis. “So we went for it.”

Encore was put in training with Bill Bobo that fall and together they garnered numerous wins. In 1995 the team earned the Four-Year-Old World Championship. Over the years Encore’s level of excellence in his performances kept him among the industry’s top horses.

In 1998, Dennis sought out Allan Callaway to see if he would be interested in training Encore since he didn’t have a stake horse at the time. Dennis thought Callaway could bring Encore to his full potential and Callaway thought Encore was underrated. From there, plans were developed for the contender. The team had many ups and downs, but they kept at it, honing their skills and getting better as all true champions do. 

In 2001, Dennis’ partner in the ownership of Encore needed to sell her interest due to health reasons; bring in Charles Terry and Jerrold Pedigo as new partners to the ownership.

A creative promotional campaign was created, along with the normal training, to push Encore to the top. “We didn’t have a lot of time, so we decided to approach it like a political campaign,” said Terry. Buttons and banners were made, billboards were posted, yard signs were set up all over town. You name it, Encore and Callaway had their name and picture on it, including a race car. The team became a sponsor in the Goodyear’s Dash Auto Race Series. 

Fast forward to the last Saturday night of the Celebration after winning their preliminary Aged Stallions split, Callaway and Encore reached the pinnacle of their career wearing the roses from the ring to the roar of the crowd cheering Encore…Encore…Encore.

From there, Encore was retired from the show ring and took his spot in the breeding barn passing along his stellar genes to future champions.

Fast forward even further, Encore found his forever home following his breeding career at Callaway Stables where he lived out his years. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at 29 years young.