We are saddened by the loss of a beloved horse this week. SETTLE THE SCORE, long time equitation mount of Alex Bumpus died Saturday. Score, better known as Gator, carried Alex to numerous victories and exhibitions. Together they brought home three World Championships and two World Grand Championships, not to mention all the other wins that they accomplished in the ring as a team. He was in training with Dickie Scrivner during his career who was a wonderful trainer with Gator and truly loved this big horse.  He was retired in the fall of 2005 and brought home to the family farm where he enjoyed his days running and being a horse. That is where he was laid to rest.

From Alex, “He was the best equine partner anyone could ever ask for. He was full of personality, big hearted and loving, a true companion and friend. I’ll never forget all the memories we’ve shared together and they will live on in my heart forever.” To Score, “I’ll be seeing you, and when I do I’ll have a hand full of peppermints for you. I love you buddy…goodbye.”