new release from the ETWHA

The General Membership meeting will be held on January 31, 2015 at WSCC with a start time of 3:00PM until 5:00PM. We will be voting on a new Board of Directors as well as executive Board Members. A Newsletter Editor will also be voted on, so start thinking of who you want representing your Association. You must be a member to vote and there will be a table set to apply for membership. A High Point membership is $35.00 and Associate membership is $15.00.

If you are interested in running for a board seat remember this is NOT a sit and do nothing position. The position includes barn party planning, setup and attendance. Fall Classic sponsorship fundraising, decorating, teardown, working the show, and gate work. Banquet setup and organization, awards setup and display. There are monthly meetings held in a central location and attendance is mandatory. Missing three (3) consecutive meetings will be an automatic dismissal of your position and the alternate board member voted will take their place. 

You must be willing to raise money to help facilitate in the ETWHA Fall Classic. This means thinking outside the box and looking for sponsorships in unlikely areas. We looking forward to seeing everyone at the ETWHA General membership meeting. Your vote counts.

Click Here for application