In what was the most exciting and challenging course yet, Skyjacker’s Mountain High (“Tuff”) and Tracy Pinson topped another field of tough competitors at the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race in Gaffney, S.C., on June 26.

Riders from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida maneuvered through an extremely fast course that included a three-step, deep raven, moguls, pond, log jumps, ditches, cowboy curtains and others. After the sun went down, the top four riders in each division were named and the final rounds were held in a lighted arena. 

Showing why they are the reigning world champions, Tuff and Pinson had the fastest time and beat the next competitor by over 16 points. The final round found them racing around the arena at top speed and slowing it back down to place both front feet in a “hula hoop” to yield the hindquarters in a full 360 degree turn. Then it was off to drag a log, gallop through tree limbs and plastic tarps, over a narrow bridge, perform rollbacks, jump barrels, side-passing at speed, racing over a tarp with live caged chickens on each side, ground tying (with a miniature horse next to them) and leading blindfolded.

Not only is Tuff staying busy on the competitive front, but took time out to give all the TWHBEA/WHOA Youth Campers a chance to ride through a few obstacles at the Montverde camp the week prior.  

The next cowboy race on the calendar will be Ringgold, Ga., the end of August, where he hopes to convert some more folks to be Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiasts.