SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Dr. John Bennett and Dr. Steve Mullins, Co-Compliance Coordinators with SHOW, initiated and conducted a shoeing workshop Saturday, October 24, 2009 at Dr. Tony Kimmon’s Franklin Equine Services in Franklin, Tennessee.

The purpose of the educational workshop was to explore and share ideas and concepts related to shoeing the performance horse.  Dr. Tracy Turner shared a power-point presentation that related to shoeing angles and ratios that affect both the movement and soundness of the performance horse.  Additionally he led a question and answer discussion along with Dr. Rachel Cezar and other USDA officials that included shoeing techniques, the use of “heel springs” for therapeutic treatment, and package removal for a period of time in the off-season.

The group then observed and discussed the removal of the packages, trimming of the hoof, and re-setting of the package.  Ideas were shared on length of toe, attractiveness of the package itself, as well as hoof angles and ratios to increase the quality of the gait while making the horse more comfortable.  The demonstrations and discussions will assist future industry rule modifications and changes to promote soundness in the performance horse.

Local veterinarians and farriers were invited to the workshop.  Dr. Bennett said “This is the first of several of these type workshops that we will conduct in various locales so other veterinarians and farriers may have an n opportunity to participate.”

FAST has made significant contributions to SHOW to promote the wellness in the Tennessee Walking Horse.  FAST stands for Foundation for the Advancement and Support of the Tennessee Walking Show Horse.