FAST, Inc. is pleased to announce that Margo Urad, from Rockwell, Texas has accepted a position on the FAST Board Of Directors. Margo has extensive experience putting on horse shows and promoting the Tennessee Walking Show Horse. She has been involved with horses all her life, growing up with American Saddlebreds before becoming invoved with Tennessee Walking Horses in 1991. She currently owns 10 walking horses which include performance, pleasure, broodmares and babies.
She has served on the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association as a Director as well as serving on the Executive Committee and currently is active as a Director for Texas. She is the President of the Southwest Walking Horse Breeders Association. She owns an Independent Insurance Agency which writes all types of insurance including horses, and farms. She spends her free time enjoying family, grandkids and animals. FAST is proud to welcome, Margo to its Board of Directors.