By Jeffrey Howard

LEWISBURG, Tenn. – One year after taking office via the Free The Breeders’ initiative the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) met for the final time on Saturday December 5, 2008.  Much of the meeting was held under executive session however the outgoing executive committee did put two motions to a vote, both of which passed.  Neither of these initiatives required an executive session so it is safe to assume another matter was discussed with no resolution via a vote required.
The first motion called for all executive committee and standing committee members to sign a code of conduct in order to serve.  It should be noted that this motion was later rescinded by the 2008/2009 executive committee which met later that afternoon. 

Code Of Conduct and Statement of Ethics
For Committee Members

I,__________________, a member of the __________________committee do hereby acknowledge and agree that:
     1. I shall dutifully and faithfully support, defend, promote, develop and advocate all segments of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry
     2. That I recognize that in the course of my duties as a member of the _____________Committee, I may receive confidential information about the activities and affairs of the TWHBEA, and I acknowledge and agree that I have a fiduciary duty to TWHBEA not to disclose any information to anyone that is not already public information
     3. I shall, in no way, knowingly participate in any activity that would bring negative attention to the _______________Committee, TWHBEA, or the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry as a whole.
     4. I recognize the responsibility, trust and faith placed in me as a member of the ___________Committee, and undertake to utilize my best efforts to uphold, support, promote, develop and advocate TWHBEA and the Tennessee Walking Horse.
     5. I recognize that the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry as a whole is reliant upon my ability to promote all forms and functions of the extremely versatile Tennessee Walking Horse, whether on the trail, or in the show ring, flat shod or performance, and all other disciplines, and I agree to promote all forms and functions of the Tennessee Walking Horse.
     6. I recognize and acknowledge that TWHBEA and the _____________Committee is governed by the collective will of its members and that we must abide by and promote this collective will.

_______     ____________________________
Date        Signature of Committee Member

The second motion passed by the outgoing executive committee addressed the distribution of the TWHBEA membership list to active members.  In the general membership meeting held the day before Mark Mattson had questioned this executive committee’s refusal to distribute to him the list via an electronic format and threatened a lawsuit against the members for that refusal.
They asked Mattson for time to allow them to address it with counsel from TWHBEA attorney John T. Bobo and did pass the motion which would allow the distribution of this list to members such as Mattson.  In the motion which allowed for the name and mailing address to be sent out to members, a policy was drafted for the distribution.

TWHBEA Policy For The Distribution of Membership Lists to TWHBEA Members

     1. Where the member submits a request for a copy of the membership list, or portions thereof, in writing, to the attention of the Executive Director of TWHBEA.
          a. The member must, in his/her request, state the specific purpose for which this information is required, and precisely what information the member requires to fulfill that purpose, and
          b. The member must, in his/her request, state the format in which the member wishes to receive the requested information.
     2. The Executive Director will review the request received from the member and determine if the request is made in good faith and for a proper purpose, and if this is determined to be the case, the member will be provided with the specific information requested and determined to be necessary to fulfill the member’s stated purpose
     3. Members will only be provided with the information from the membership list that is necessary to achieve the stated proper purpose.  Under no circumstances will members be provided the telephone numbers or email addresses of fellow members.
     4. TWHBEA is a non-profit organization, and it is recognized that an individual, by choosing to become a member of a non-profit organization, implicitly agrees to release of the fact of membership to other members, TWHBEA will not release the phone numbers or email addresses of members to other members requesting same.  If a member has a legitimate request for a copy of all or part of the TWHBEA Membership List, it will be provided to that member.  The member must contact other members at the listed mailing addresses or other members to obtain the telephone numbers and email addresses of other TWHBEA members.  Telephone numbers and email addresses are information that TWHBEA believes is contact information that TWHBEA members are entitled to protect as private.
     5. Members may request copies by photographic or other reasonable purposes, including electronic means.
     6. Members requesting copies of all or part of the membership of TWHBEA will be required to sign a “Request by a member for a copy of all or part of the TWHBEA membership list” before receiving a copy of the membership list as requested.
     7. Members will be cautioned that information requested and provided may ONLY be used for the purpose stated in the written request made by the member.  Any other use is considered a violation of the statutory provisions contained in sections 48-66-105, and will be subject to review and possible discipline under Article X of the TWHBEA Bylaws, as well as exposing the member to potential statutory penalties.
     8. Information provided by members cannot be used to solicit money or property, it cannot be used for a commercial purpose, and it cannot be given or sold to another person.

This put a wrap on the accomplishments of the 2007/2008 executive committee.  They accomplished a lot in 2008 none of which was more needed than the return of over $600,000 to the cash reserves of the association.  Eight of the members will be retained on the 2008/2009 executive committee along with secretary Sharon Brandon.  It is their hope that the continuity of the group will allow for continued accomplishments in 2009 for TWHBEA.