I am Blair Gribble I am a Firefighter EMT with the City of Belmont Fire Department. I received a care package from FAST made up of goodies from the Shelbyville area. I know the kindness of the Walking Horse Industry and the hidden jewels of the Shelbyville area. Since we operate as a team in the fire service, I shared the things I got with the guys on my truck. They were appreciative as I was for the gifts. During these crazy times my guys show up for work to protect the community and never consider the risk to them or their families. It is nice when people like you all take a second to show that their commitment is appreciated. We just wanted to take a moment and formally thank FAST and the businesses for their very kind gesture. 


Thank You So Very Much,
City of Belmont Fire Department
Leut. Blair Gribble
Engineer Allan Shirlen
Firefighter Bradley Martin