Walking Horse Report is pleased to offer class videos from the first seven evening performances of last year's Celebration thanks to Dean Johnson Video.  The Championship performances from last year's show were provided after the show last year and remain online in the results.

To view the videos click here and then on the camera icon located beneath the class name. Videos begin the first Thursday night and continue through all evening sessions of the show. 


Videos are sponsored by:

Lisa Baum & A Special Refund, Amateur Two-Year-Old Stallion WGC Contenders

Robert Cortner & A Fire In Dixie, Youth 12-17 WGC Contenders
Robert Cortner & A Show Of Jazz, Youth Pony WGC Contenders

Janice Fostek & I'm Pushin N Line, Amateur Three-Year-Old Stallion WGC Contenders

Justin Harris & Lined Walkin, 15.2 & Under WGC Contenders for the Andrew Waites Family

Lilly Waites & Cadillac's Bum, Youth 12-17 WGC Contenders
Lilly Waites & Prime Poison, Youth Pony WGC Contenders