(Danny Hochadel and Skyjacker's Design presented their form of therapeutic riding.)

The Florida Walking and Racking Horse Association held an Open House at Darby Oaks Stables in Bushnell, Fla., on Sat., April 20, 2013.  Over 75 guests were allowed to visit with horses on the farm, as well as watch exhibitions and demonstrations of various types of gaited breeds.  Some of the guests even took the opportunity to ride a Tennessee Walking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse and Racking Horse or try their hand at obstacles.

Guests came in all ages and as far away as Wyoming and even Germany!  Some were already fans of the Tennessee Walking Horse, but some had never even been on a horse….until now!
The following representatives provided exhibitions and allowed spectators to “test ride” their horses:

• Padded Walking – Wayne Conkle and I’m Showboatin’
• Versatility (Trail Obstacle) – Tracy Pinson and Skyjacker’s Mountain High
• Flat Shod Walking – Diana McMurtrey and Pay At The Pump
• Flat Shod Walking – Wayne Van De Walker and Smarty’s Gone and Done It
• Flat Shod Walking – Rebecca Adams and Generator’s Tall Paul
• Flat Shod Walking – Brice Ehrich and Pusher’s Iron Eagle
• Flat Shod Walking – Pam Bacon and Peyton
• Flat Shod Walking – Pam Bacon and Down To My Last Coin
• Flat Shod Walking – Gail Hart and Cash is Grand
• Flat Shod Walking – Kianna Ferro and Jose on the Bay
• Flat Shod Walking – Weldon Vineyard and Shadow on the Mountain
• Spotted – Leann Osborne and Just  A Jammin’
• Spotted – Mike Osborne and Rembrant.com
• Racking – Christina Crumley and Senator’s Rare Golden
• Racking – Rebecca Adams and A Texas State of Mind
• Driving – Wayne Conkle and One Tuff Cowgirl

A special exhibition was also given by Danny Hochadel and Skyjacker’s Design who showed how the TWH is used for therapeutic riding programs.  Danny is a member of the Key Training Center (charity of the Florida Walking & Racking Horse Association), which is dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities.

Thanks to all of the FWHRA members that came out and supported the open house.  It provided a great opportunity to share these unique breeds with the public.  The smile on the guest’s faces said it all!