Janice Fostek, Communications Task Force

Six individuals have been named to serve on the SHOW Communications Task Force (CTFC) by Chairperson Janice Fostek.  Ms. Fostek has also scheduled the first official meeting of the Committee for Wednesday, May 20.

Named to the CTFS were Spencer Benedict, Chris Bobo, Darren Gray, Jeffrey Howard, Bud Moore and Henry Hulan.  CFTC has already begun work with their initial focus on communication to the industry and to the customers of SHOW, which are the horse shows.  “As SHOW develops, we will turn our attention to communication to the public,’ Fostek said.

The CFTC is currently developing a letter to be sent by SHOW CEO Doyle Meadows to the presidents of the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association, Walking Horse Owners’ Association, Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder’ and Exhibitors’ Association and all other HIO’s formally announcing the formation of SHOW.

Additionally a letter is being crafted to be mailed from SHOW to any show, sale or event of record not affiliated in 2009.  Finally, the SHOW affiliations packet mailed to show managers is being reviewed for updating and changes to be made to the SHOW office.