On July 28, 2012, at the Hall of Fame Club in Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville, Tenn., at 11:00 a.m., Frank Losey will bring the dark side of HSUS to light.
For those not familiar with Frank Losey, he is an attorney, but what an attorney. He is licensed to appear before the Supreme Court in addition to holding Ohio and Kentucky licenses and has submitted briefs that have been considered by the Supreme Court.
After retiring from the Air Force in which he held positions as Judge Advocate and Pentagon Director of Civil Law, he became the Vice President and General Counsel of Shipbuilders Council of America, followed by General Counsel of BCI representing a number of naval and marine companies.
Since 1990, Mr. Losey has interfaced with multibillion dollar corporations, Congress  and senior members of the Executive Branch of our government. He has successfully orchestrated actual statutory changes to Title 10 (Armed Forces), Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal procedure---Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act),Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code) and Title 41 (Public Contracts) of the US code. He successfully effected changes to regulations promulgated by the Department of Defense, US Coast Guard, Department of  Agriculture, OSHA, EPA and others and has spoken on behalf of the US Government at an OECD meeting in Paris, France.

During his Air Force Career he received three Legion of Merit Medals, three Meritorious Service Medals and the Air Force Commendation Medal. He also impressed the Queen of England enough to be invited to her garden party.
Mr. Losey became involved in the fight against HSUS when responsible dog breeders were targeted by HSUS in Missouri. He did it for his dog Chaucer. He advocates animal welfare and the rights of animal owners and livestock producers. Mr. Losey is assembling a grassroots army to take on HSUS and other similar so called “Humane” groups.
After communicating with Mr. Losey for almost six months, Michele Roberts, a Shelbyville Walking Horse trainer, decided it was time that not only our industry but all other livestock and pet owners needed to become active in fending off the ceaseless attacks of HSUS.  Gathering a small group of like minded folks, the event of July 28th was conceived and the wheels to form a grassroots organization in this area were put in motion. Admission is free.