Billy Smith, Executive Director of Information Technology with the American Quarter Horse Association in Amarillo, Texas will attend the 2009 Spring Fun Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The length of time between turning in a judge’s card until the tie is announced continues to be a Celebration concern.  Mr. Smith will coordinate a computer generated placing composite as a result of inputs from each of the three judges while in center ring.  The data will go through a server and will be printed out in center ring.  The electronic data through the use of Personal Digital Assistance will be in addition to the typical computer ties that are currently employed at the Fun Show and Celebration.  If the process proves to be beneficial it may be used at the 2009 Celebration.

“As a judge, I have been involved in this innovative method to provide class ties as quickly as possible says, Dr. Doyle G. Meadows, Celebration CEO.  “AQHA has been a leader in this area and Mr. Smith has written many of the programs being used in their industry today” added Meadows.