SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - Along with the change in venue, there are others changes that spectators, exhibitors and horse enthusiasts need to keep in mind for the 39th Annual Spring Fun Show.  First and foremost for all involved is the new starting time for the annual event – 6:00 p.m. each evening.  Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows states “We felt that moving the starting time up one hour from previous years would benefit spectators, exhibitors and trainers all.  This is more in line with the starting times that all involved in the industry are accustomed to in traveling the show circuit during the year.”

Those individuals wishing to attend as spectators will be able to park in cash parking in Lot D which is directly beside the outdoor stadium.  Advanced tickets purchased can be presented, and tickets purchased at Gates 1 (near Quarterback Club Food Booth) and 5 (near Noon Rotary Food Booth).  Another ticket gate will be open on the north end of the stadium near the horse entrance and exit gate of the arena. 

Celebration concessions will be open at two locations around the stadium, the Noon Rotary Booth and the VFW Food Booth.  Meadows states “By opening the two locations we feel that both the spectator and exhibitor and trainer will have the convenience of easy access to satisfying their craving for a snack or complete meal.”

Trainers will enter the show grounds through Gate A in front of Calsonic Arena.  Entries will be taken at the Barn Office in Barn 10 beginning at 3:00 p.m. each day and continuing until 7:00 p.m.  Celebration Entry Office Manager Margaret Eakin states “Barn 10 will be a central location in the barn area for those wishing to make entries.  Exhibitors and trainers alike can make their entries, purchase parking passes, and stalls near their barn.”

The Fun Show runs May 21st – 23rd.