The 53rd Annual Spring Fun Show will be held May 25-27, 2023, in the outdoor Celebration Arena on the show grounds of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Judging the Spring Fun Show will be Chris Bobo, Nathan Clark and Chris Zahnd. The trio will combine two Celebration veterans along with Zahnd, who will be judging his first Celebration event.

“We are looking forward to a great show and are excited about having the show outdoors in Celebration Arena. This panel is an experienced panel and we are excited to have Chris Zahnd judge one of our shows for the first time. He has done several major shows over the last three years and we look forward to having him at the Fun Show,” said Warren Wells, Celebration CEO.

Bobo has judged The Celebration four times in his career and judged it most recently in 2021. Bobo has judged the Spring Fun Show multiple times as well. Clark has judged The Celebration five times, most recently in 2019. Clark, like Bobo, has also judged the Spring Fun Show on multiple occasions.

Zahnd will be judging a Celebration show for the first time, however he has judged several major shows in the past three years. Zahnd has judged Marshall County, the FAST Showcase, Woodbury, North Carolina Championships and Alabama Jubilee among others since the beginning of 2020.

The Spring Fun Show will feature 69 classes across the three evening performances.  Each performance starts at 6:00PM.  For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, visit or call The Celebration office at 931-684-5915.