Celebration officials were well pleased with the first night of the 2006 Fun Show.   Both paid attendance and entries showed significant increases over last year and things went very smoothly.

     Last year there were 140 entries the first night and this year saw a 50% increase with 217 horses coming into the ring.  Bear in mind that the first night last year was an all pleasure class night but what was so encouraging about last night was the quality of the horses and riders showing.  Paid attendance increased by 375 and the crowd was into the show from the very first class.

     The report from the National Horse Show Commission was equally encouraging as only three horses were turned down and the entries presented a very positive image.  Tonights action gets underway at 7:00 PM.

     Celebration Board Chairman John T. Bobo enjoyed the action and commented "This was a great way to start the show and a strong indication of what we have to look forward to the next two nights."

     Be sure to check out the Results with Judges Cards all available on this website!