The Georgia Walking Horse Exhibitors’ Association held their Annual Membership/Business Meeting on December 9, 2002 at the Precision Planning Corporate Offices in Lawrenceville, Georgia. They elected the following officers: Lisa McMahan, president; Martha Branson, first vice president; Megan Mullis, second vice president; Dawn Bledsoe, secretary; Nancy Cain, treasurer; and immediate past president, David Mullins.

Board of Directors include: John Allen, Jimmy Ellington, Jack Pirkle, Toni White, Sally Fleck, Gloria Dixon, J.C. Brogden, Jerry Fields, and New Board Members serving a three year term: Jerry Cole, Parks Groover, Carol Frankum Rylee, and Kathy Zeis. Alternate Directors include: Earl Cooper, Guy Ben Findley, Angie Goodyear, Kathy Hollin, Dan McSwain, and Jane Hardy Meredith.