by Jean S. Baum

WHOA usually selects five different areas of the country in which to hold their pleasure/versatility shows. Wisconsin has been chosen several times since this program was started, and this year was the latest. Robbie Casteel of Clarkrange, Tenn., held the pencil at this one, which was located at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, Wisc.

The WHOA section of the show was combined with a regular WWHA show, although the two were separated by a break. The regular WWHA show consisted of 25 classes, and the results showed two horse-rider combinations winning three blues each: Just About right ridden by Ellen Leake for Andy and Ellen Leake and Sundrop’s Country Raze with Rebecca Cox in the irons for David and Laurie Johnson. Silver Gold Dust and Kendal Domres took two victory passes in this section of the show.

Those with one blue to take home were: That’s My Pride Jubilee, Tornado Appeal, Regal Master, Avenger’s Copy Delight, I’m Taking Charge, Counselor’s Jewel, Premier’s Hibiscus Frost, Ms. Anslei Hayes, Busting With Charisma, Hack’s Society Man, High Class Gift, Sundrop’s Angel, Beam’s Rusty Treasure, Rain-O-Manie and Watch Me Dance.

Because the WHOA section of the show encourages new people to get into the ring, formal riding attire is discouraged, so people who are just getting started don’t have to buy show clothes right away. Keeping it informal also tends to make the newcomers more relaxed.

Four lucky and talented horses and their riders came away with two victories apiece in the WHOA section of the show: Generator’s Coal Dust with brothers Jacob and Dillon each taking a blue, Busting With Charisma with Lori Greenwood up for Cindy and John Linstedt, High Class Gift with Katie Butler and Chuck Scholl aboard Bunner.

The big winner at this year’s show with a total of six blues was Ideal’s Carbon Grey with Lynne Levy in the irons! Following through with one big trophy each were Sundrop’s Country Razen, Watch Me Dance, High Tribute’s Luck Lady, Bob Dillon’s Ebony Threat and That’s My Pride Jubilee.

The High Point Youth Award was given to Jacob Schultz and the High Point Adult Award was given to Lynne Levy.

A total of 228 entries helped to make this year’s show a success. Complete results follow and can also be viewed on our web site at