By Jean S. Baum

DEERFIELD, Wisc. - Show season has ended in Wisconsin. The final Wisconsin Walking Horse Association show of the year took place at Bound’s Showtime Arena on Sept. 20. Jack Pirkle from Georgia had 170 entries come in front of him to judge in 36 classes.

The appearance of Jamie and Jennifer Hankins, who were in Wisconsin to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with Marcia and Jack Boeing, was a nice surprise for many at the show. They also brought along their lovely daughter, a finely tuned two-year-old who handily won three classes. Having the Hankins there was just like old times.

Other big winners were Generator’s Coal Dust, who amassed five blue ribbons, with Schults brothers Jacob and Dillon sharing the reins. Ideal’s Carbon Grey also won five blues with Lynne Levy and Kim Sizer up for Gary and Lynn Levy.

Sundrop’s country Razen and Rebecca Cox once again did a fine job for Laurie and Dave Johnson’s High Bush Farm with four big wins. Silver Gold Dust and Kendal Domres did well in three youth classes with three victories. Amy Spinelli-Gourlay and I’m Taking Charge, Sundrop’s Angel and Diane Ramskular, That’s My Pride Jubilee and Bunner all walked down victory lane twice.

It was a fine way to end the show season. Complete results follow and may also be found by visiting our web site at