The Celebration recently was contacted by Jeffrey McGee of Grace Baptist Church regarding the opportunity to continue the tradition of the Celebration worship service on Sunday morning of The Celebration. The opportunity became available after Pastor Steve Murphree decided not to conduct the service this year.

Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Bobby McGee will conduct the service on Sunday August 30, 2020.  Attendees will also be served biscuits, doughnuts, juice and coffee compliments of Grace Baptist Church.  

“After learning that the original ministry would not be conducting the service this year due to concerns  they had we reached out to the Celebration with an offer to continue the tradition”, said Jeffrey McGee of Grace Baptist Church.  “We feel that especially in these times that efforts to comfort and to minister are of great value. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and look forward to welcoming everyone that can come to worship with us.”

It was previously reported that The Celebration had made the decision to cancel the worship service due to concerns regarding Covid-19 which was inaccurate. The decision to cancel was communicated to Celebration CEO Mike Inman by Murphree.