Posted January 24, 2002

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A vote of the city council of Panama City Beach has allowed the Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show and Music Festival its special events permit, which will allow the horse show to continue on with the show in its existing location of the Aaron Bessant Park. The vote narrowly passed with a three to two count.

The show was in danger of being cancelled when the special events permit was not initially approved due to construction issues. Then the walking horse industry was called upon to show its support for the show. Phone calls, emails and letters inundated the city council with comments.

“I don’t know that I have ever been through a political battle like this, but for the walking horse industry it is worth it. There are so many people, so many volunteers, and so many charities that are involved with the show. I would have felt like I had let them down if I hadn’t fought for the show,” said show manager Sister Martha Blackmon Milligan.

Plans were already well underway for the horse show, and with this last stumbling block cleared for the show, all expectations are that this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. The correct dates for this year's show are April 25-27.