Bridlewood Farms, Shelbyville Farm Center, Time Zone Transport and many others are asking for your support to help send hay and grain to the South Mississippi hurricane Katrina victims. The hurricane has passed and they are trying to return to what is left, but all they hay and grain supply have been destroyed. Send any amount for grain to the Shelbyville Farm Center and any bails of hay can be delivered to Bridlewood Farms located in Shelbyville, Tenn. Rick and Cindy Sullivan of Time Zone Transport in Murfreesboro, Tenn. will be providing the trailer, driver, and gas to deliver the hay to South Miss. They have already raised $1,000 for grain and about 600 bails of hay.

Here is all the contact information you may need.

Shelbyville Farm Center

Attn: Marcin Jeffers

737 Madison St.

Shelbyville, Tn.

Bridlewood Farms

Larry Lowman



Eddie Johnson