On behalf of the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), our board of directors and our thousands of grassroots and horse industry members across the Commonwealth, I am writing to ask you to join us in our campaign to ensure the continued operation of historical horse racing (HHR) in Kentucky.

HHR has contributed significantly to the viability of all breeds and disciplines in the Commonwealth. Since the inception of HHR, more than $220,000 has been provided to non-race breeds. As HHR continues to expand to more racetrack operated facilities and grow in popularity, the benefit to non-race breeds will continue to rapidly increase.

Walking horses and show horses are an integral part of the fabric of Kentucky’s horse industry, community and history. Non-race breeds have a significant impact on local economies and contribute to the horse industry’s more than $3.4 billion overall impact to Kentucky’s economy. However, without HHR and the incentive programs it funds, the horse industry economy will erode and make Kentucky a less desirable location for horse operations.

KEEP was founded in 2004 with the mission of bringing together all horse breeds and disciplines together in an alliance to unite and strengthen the industry and ensure its longevity and positive economic impact on the Commonwealth. Since 2004, due in large part to the efforts of KEEP and its creation of HHR, the industry has reached new heights and has reestablished its position as the nation's leader.

Now that the Kentucky Supreme Court has called into question the legality of HHR, the entire horse industry must unite to make the case before the legislature that it is imperative that they pass a bill ensuring the legality and continued successful operation of HHR. KEEP is asking all facets of the horse industry to support our efforts in this initiative.

If a bill is not passed historical horse racing facilities will most likely close down on February 18th.  We anticipate a bill will be filed on February 2nd. Please take action now by visiting www.horseswork.com and sending a message to your legislator. 

I truly appreciate your time and support.


Elisabeth Jensen
Executive Vice President
Kentucky Equine Education Alliance (KEEP)