On February 22, 2015, the normal What A Horse program at 2:00PM CST will be replaced with a live talk show covering concerns of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. We will have a panel discussion with representatives from SHOW HIO, Celebration, Trainers, Performance Show Horse Association, farriers and industry veterinarians. Each will make a brief statement and then take questions from those who attend as well as anyone who calls in a question.

This program will air on Charter channel 193 and www.whatahorse.com will live stream the event.  The live stream will be free of charge and not require a What A Horse membership. Industry stakeholders are invited to attend and address the panel or call in with questions.

"This is an opportunity for all interested parties to ask questions about their concerns. I strongly suggest each and every member of this industry attend this event either in person or by media and see how important it is for all of us to work together," said Jerry Harris with What A Horse.

If you have questions or requests please contact Jerry Harris at jerry@whatahorse.com or call 931-581-4411.
Walking Horse Report Online subscribers will have access to watch this show online - Click Here