SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Chief Executive Officer Mike Inman tendered his resignation to the Celebration’s board of directors on September 23, 2020.  The resignation from Inman will be effective immediately and comes after his eight-year stint at the helm of The Celebration.

“The board appreciates Mike’s service to The Celebration.  He and Karen have been an asset to our organization and guided the Celebration through some difficult times.  Mike’s commitment to the Tennessee Walking Horse industry has always been evident and his passion for The Celebration was appreciated by the board and our full association,” said Celebration Chairman Rick Insell.

Inman was hired in July of 2012 to succeed Dr. Doyle Meadows as head of The Celebration.  Inman and Meadows worked together during the 2012 Celebration and Inman assumed the chief executive officer role on October 31, 2012, which is the end of The Celebration fiscal year.

“I am very grateful to have served the Celebration and the industry for the last eight years in the role of CEO.  I am confident the Celebration will boldly add to the successes that have been achieved as things move forward.  Karen and I are truly thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of what is so big to all of us,” said Inman.

In addition to running The Celebration, Inman was instrumental in the acquisition and growth of the Tunica Fall Classic and helped bring additional events to Calsonic Arena, including partnerships with the Hispanic Rodeos, which allowed the arena to become profitable under his leadership.  Inman was the force behind the successful five-year-old amateur division which was added at The Celebration and is now a staple in class sheets across the industry.

Inman was also instrumental in introducing some new Celebration traditions. Inman introduced Hat Night, the extremely popular Veteran’s Night and the Celebration Shoot-Out golf tournament.

“Our board will move forward with a new plan of leadership for The Celebration that focuses on expansion of our facilities’ offerings, improvements to our facilities and continued growth and expansion of the Walking Horse industry’s premier and world grand championship event” concluded Insell.