(Editor’s note: The following information was sent to the Report by the Walking Horse Owners’ Association. This policy will be put into effect at the 2007 International Pleasure Horse Show, July 29-Aug. 4.)


1. When making entries a waiver must be signed by the trainer, agent or exhibitor giving show management the right to hoof test and/or pull shoes. If the waiver is not signed, the trainer, agent or exhibitor will not be allowed to show.


2. All first place winners in riding classes will be hoof tested starting the Monday night session. In all championship classes first, second and third place winners will be hoof tested.


3. All shoes thrown will be weighed in center ring.


4. Park Pleasure division: All horses in this division will be hoof tested pre-show. First, second and third will be tested post show.


5. DQPs will walk the barn area and warm-up arena.


6. Fluoroscope will be used at random in all divisions.


7. Shoes will be pulled at the discretion of the National Horse Show Commission, the DQP or show management. All first place winners in championship classes Friday and Saturday night will have one front shoe pulled and re-shod.


8. Horses found in violation will lose all awards at the International and be subject to penalties of the National Horse Show Commission.


9. Any protests regarding shoeing regulations must be made to show management per the National Horse Show Commission rulebook (page 140 and 141). A $200 fee must also accompany the protest form. Protester must also be present at time of inspection.