A new and exciting opportunity for showcasing the Tennessee Walking Horse debuts on August 1, 2006, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The first working plantation horse competition will take place at 10 a.m. at the Miller Coliseum during the International Grand Championship Pleasure and Colt Show.

            The working plantation horse competition showcases the athletic ability and versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse as a working ranch or farm horse required to perform a variety of tasks. This horse may be asked to pull, drag and carry objects, open and close gates, travel over rough terrain, cross water, work for long hours and remain tied or hobbled for extended periods. A well-trained working plantation horse is truly a versatile animal, prized by farmers, ranchers and recreational riders who value the all-around horse.

            The competition is comprised of five events and each horse/rider combination must compete in each event. Horse/rider combinations will be judged on performance only except in the conformation class in which horses will be judged by the breed standard. Each event will be judged and the competition winner will be chosen by points accumulated in all five events. While event winners will be recognized, it must be stressed that this is an overall competition and not just five separate events.

            “We are excited about the debut of this entirely new competition,” said spokesperson Mary Beth Pruett. “And we really appreciate the Walking Horse Owners’ Association for allowing us to coordinate this with their show. This is a new type of event, one that is a little different from the traditional show ring venue, and we hope it will help promote this wonderful breed to a whole new audience. We also plan to make this a fun competition for the whole family to enjoy.”

            For more information, contact Mary Beth Pruett at 931-729-4810 or go to the Working Plantation Horse Association Web site at www.wplha.com.