The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) recently adopted a new rule that will allow members to register prefixes/suffixes (see below). Initial applications are being accepted now through March 29, 2024. Since there may be cases where multiple members apply for the same prefix/suffix, the Membership and Registry Committee will approve the first round of applications on a case-by-case basis. After the initial applications are approved, Prefixes/Suffixes will be considered on a first come, first served basis (subject to approval). Members can apply to register a prefix/suffix through their iPEDs account or by downloading a form from the TWHBEA website at For more information, call the TWHBEA office at 931-359-1574.

Rule 1.06     Registered Prefixes or Suffixes.
A registered prefix/suffix is a name, word, letter, numbers (not to exceed four digits), or combinations of these, preceding/following a name, recorded with the Registry and used exclusively by the owners of Tennessee Walking Horses for the purpose of distinguishing horses bred by them from those of other breeders.
A prefix/suffix may be recorded with the Registry providing:

1. The word(s) selected as a proposed prefix/suffix cannot be the complete name of a registered Tennessee Walking Horse.
2. The prefix/suffix applicant shall not have another registered prefix/suffix on record with the Registry.
3. The Prefix/Suffix Application has been correctly completed and submitted with the appropriate fee.
4. The Registry does not deem the prefix/suffix to be confusingly similar to a name or prefix/suffix previously recorded, otherwise unsuitable, or in general use (i.e. WGC).

A name, word, letter, or combination of these, preceding or succeeding a name, not recorded as a prefix/suffix with the Registry, may be used by other breeders, until registered for the exclusive use of one breeder.
A registered prefix/suffix can only be used by the recorded owner of that prefix/suffix. The recorded owner of a prefix/suffix may grant permission, in writing and on file with the Registry, to designated person(s) to allow use of that prefix/suffix.
Once the fee is paid and application approved, a prefix/suffix will be held for a period of 5 years. If the prefix/suffix is used in the registration of a horse in that time, then it is permanently registered with no further action or fees required. However, if the prefix/suffix is not utilized by the end of the 5-year period, then the prefix is no longer reserved and must be renewed for another 5 years for an additional fee.