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Irby Blames TWHBEA Lawyer Bussart For Lawsuit

            Marty Irby, President of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association, has blamed TWHBEA counsel Walter Bussart with threatening to sue the Celebration.  Even though the email clearly states TWHBEA vs TWHNC, Irby alleges that Bussart acted without his approval.  Bussart’s email specifically names the Celebration (your client) as being sued.

            In an email dated Friday, August 10, Irby stated “please note that the statement made by Mr. Walter Bussart to Mr. Stephen Zralek on Monday (“Stephen, I received your letter.  You and your client (TWHNC) have (1) breached the contract, and (2) committed civil fraud.  You will be served soon.”

            Irby goes on to say the statement “was made by Mr. Bussart on his own without my instruction, or the instruction of any TWHBEA employee or EC member.  I have already discussed this with Mr. Bussart, Mr. Thomas and several of our EC members.  Mr. Bussart has some professional issues between him and Mr. Zralek regarding the domain name issue, and only he can explain the intent of his email statement. That email is between Mr. Bussart and Mr. Zralek.  TWHBEA did not threaten to sue anyone.”

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