Jason Crawhorn of J&T Stables has been training horses for 19 years and this past Wednesday started as any other day.  After lunch he got out a two-year-old he has been working and has been doing very well. He went to step up on him and Jason likes to teach them to stand still for mounting and today, this guy just wanted to try to move off kind of quick, so he stepped down quick to try again, but just stepped wrong and heard a snap. 

He suffered 3 fractures and a severely dislocated ankle. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and there they reset his ankle and he then had surgery to fix the fractures with screws and plates. He has 6 weeks of no weight bearing and then therapy, but has been told it may be 4 months before he is back to normal. All prayers are appreciated. 

Cards can be sent to Jason Crawhorn PO Box 901 Franklin,  KY 42135. There is also a go fund me account set up by Lisa Fisher to help with medical expenses and regular bills while being off work. 

Jean Marie Degville is also doing Facebook donations. We are so very thankful to those that have already donated to one of these. 

He would like to Express his appreciation to Joran Wrenn, his assistant who is stepping up to handle a larger work load and to all the customers that are sticking with us through all this, along with all the barn family and friends that have helped or offered their help. It is appreciated more than we can say.