SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration announced it’s judging panel for the 34th annual Spring Fun Show. The list is comprised of three respected members of the walking horse community.

Mickey McCormick and Joel Weaver of Shelbyville, Tenn., along with Sam Sorrell of Lexington, Ky., have been selected by the Celebration Board of Directors to adjudicate the proceedings at this year’s Spring Fun Show.

“I’m very happy with the group we have been able to put together for this year’s show,” said Celebration CEO and show manager Ron Thomas. “Mickey, Sam and Joel have reputations as hard workers and straight shooters. Those qualities will serve them well.”

This will be the first time to judge either the Fun Show or Celebration for any of the three individuals.

“It’s another great mix of experience levels,” said Thomas. “Mickey McCormick has judged virtually every major show in the industry (except the Fun Show and Celebration) and is highly-skilled as a judge. Sam Sorrell is an amateur exhibitor that has worked hard to build a fine reputation. And Joel Weaver is one of the most successful young trainers in the business. We have a commitment to support our young trainers and Joel will represent them well as a judge.”

The Celebration Spring Fun Show is scheduled for May 27-29 at Calsonic Arena at The Historic Celebration Grounds in Shelbyville, Tenn.