Justin Harris has done what few have trainers been able to do over the last two years and that is lead the Riders Cup point standings over Joel Weaver. Joel has had a virtual lock on the Riders Cup but for the second time this year Justin has taken the lead.

     Justin led the standings the first week of 2008 (April 9) and Joel has led for seven straight weeks since.  But this week (June 4) Justin edged Joel out by 200 points and now leads with 11,000 points compared to Joel's 10,800.  Justin has shown in 70 Riders Cup classes compared to 61 for Joel.

     Charlie Green is holding down the third spot in the standings with 8,110 points in 51 classes; Herbert Derickson is fourth with 7,430 points in 49 classes and the President of the Walking Horse Trainers' Association, Link Webb, rounds out the top five with 6,920 points in 46 classes.

     The Riders Cup is a joint program of the Walking Horse Report and the Walking Horse Trainers Association and is in its fourth year. Previous winners have been 2005 - Link Webb with 25,230 points in 154 classes; 2006 - Joel Weaver with 30,730 points in 183 classes and 2007 - Joel Weaver with 27,900 points in 162 classes.

     Joel went for a stretch during 2006 and 2007 where he lead for 60 straight weeks until Justin won the first week this year.  Only 6 trainers have ever lead the standings and they include Link Webb, Jackie McConnell, Brock Tillman, Knox Blackburn, Joel Weaver and Justin Harris.

     Complete results are available in the Walking Horse Report print edition or at www.walkinghorsereport.com.