Thirteen years ago, Ken Taylor was coming home from a horse show and noticed a problem with his vision; he was having trouble seeing cars. He was eventually diagnosed with Optic Neurosis. Ninety percent of individuals with this medical problem have no vision problems. Taylor fell in the 10 percent area.

Taylor can see shadows in front and has a blind spot that covers the area where he would normally need to look when walking. He cannot make out faces. For the past 13 years, Taylor has continued to train walking horses. His passion in life is training horses. He has a sign that says, "I have spent most of my life riding horses and the rest of the time I wasted."

Several years ago, Taylor moved to Tennessee from Missouri and now works with Steve and Steven Amyett. Recently an ophthalmologist was found who used a stem cell procedure that is correcting vision. Taylor has talked with Dr. Sapse of Las Vegas, Nev., and he has indicated that he has had very good results in treating Taylor’s condition. Taylor and all his friends are overwhelmed with excitement regarding the possibility of him getting back part or all of his vision. More information on the procedure can be found at

The procedure will cost $10,000. As with most horse trainers, Taylor does not have the money to pay for this. His friends and family are asking for donations to help Taylor to offset the expense of this procedure. They need to raise slightly over $10,000 to help defray travel expense. The procedure is done in Mexico and is schedule for June 29, 2009. Donations are requested to be mailed to Ken Taylor Vision Fund, Regions Bank,
101 Elm Street,
Shelbyville, TN 37160,
Attn. Mark Erwin. Any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.