Eleven groups to receive funding


FRANKFORT, KY – (Feb. 10, 2009) – The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) today voted to provide  ten applicant groups of non-racing breeds with funding from the Kentucky Horse Breeder’s Incentive Fund (KHBIF) for the period covering 2009-2011.  A total of sixteen applications were submitted to the Commission. Applicants were selected based on the criteria set forth by the KHBIF statutes, regulations and mission of the fund.


"The non race advisory committee met to review and discuss the applications and I applaud their due-diligence,” said Jamie Eads, director of the Division of Breeder’s Incentives. “The KHBIF was thrilled with the added interest from so many breeds and is excited to continue working together to ensure the strength and growth of the horse industry in Kentucky." 


KHBIF will use the same formula established in the first period (2006-2008) for splitting the monies proportionally among the breeds.  This formula is the number of horses

certified by each national registry residing in Kentucky divided by the total number of horses submitted by each affiliate’s national registry.  The resulting percentage will be multiplied by the monies collected to give the breed their total dollar figure award from

the fund.  This percentage will cover the three-year period of 2009, 2010, and 2011. 


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The Commission approved the following applicants (applicants new to this registration period appear in italics):

  • Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association
  • Kentucky Arabian & Half-Arabian Breeders Association
  • Kentucky Miniature Horse Association
  • Kentucky Morgan Horse Association
  • Kentucky Paint Horse Club
  • Kentucky Paso Fino Horse Association
  • Kentucky Quarter Horse Association
  • Kentucky Rocky Mountain Horse Association
  • Kentucky Saddlebred Owners & Breeders Association
  • South Central Hackney Association


The following applicants were denied for KHBIF funding for the 2009-2011 period.  These applicants did not meet the criteria established by the KHBIF and Non-Race Advisory Committee. 

  • Kentucky Belgian Warmbloods of Kentucky
  • Mountain Horse Breeders Incentive Fund (AGHA, KMSHA, MPH, UMH).
  • Purebred Morabs of Kentucky
  • Kentucky Pony Association
  • Kentucky Shayga Arabian Horse Association
  • Walk Horse Alliance of Kentucky  


The Commission elected to defer the Kentucky Walking Horse Association application to be reviewed by the Rules Committee and re-submitted to the Commission at a later meeting.


For more information, please visit our website www.khrc.ky.gov or call 888-KYBREDS.