The damage to the barn area was the complete front and back. The middle of the barn has some structural damage and lost most of the roof.

On May 8th, 2009, an F3 tornado screamed through the Madison County area in the city of Kirksville, Ky. The storm basically destroyed everything in it’s path. Danny Howard, a Kentucky trainer, was leasing a barn from a long time walking horse owner, Eva McKee from Madison County. Howard, of Danny Howard Stables, moved 18 horses to safety, minutes after the storm hit, to Alonzo Napier’s facility in Lancaster, Ky., a trainer who offered to help them out. None of the horses were injured. The horses will be moved back to the Kirksville location when the owner has had time to reconstruct. Howard lost his truck and trailer, along with equipment.

Many people have already come to aid, from moving horses to clean up efforts and donations. The numerous phone calls and efforts of everyone who have assisted are very much appreciated.

Both Danny Howard and Eva McKee have suffered a tremendous loss. Eva also lost her son-in-law, her daughter is paralyzed from her waist down and she is now caring for her two grandchildren who were injured as well. If you would like to help Danny or Eva, there is an account set up at Madison Bank in Richmond, Ky., under Danny Howard Stables or Eva McKee Family. Madison Bank 1001 Gibson Bay Drive Suite 101 Richmond, Ky. 40475 Phone 859-626-8008.

The remains of Danny Howard’s horse trailer wrapped around a split tree. The other remains were approximately 500 feet away.

Pictured is what is left of Eva McKee’s home and vehicles